Faucet Repairs in Gilbert, AZ

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When you need to replace an outdated or leaky faucet, you need to call in the experts to complete the work. Plumbers must professionally install and replace these units to ensure they work correctly. Contact Travis & Sons Plumbing & Rooter for appointments in Gilbert, AZ. We only hire reliable technicians!

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Common Causes of Faucet Leaks

Is your faucet leaking? Our Travis & Sons Plumbing & Rooter experts in Gilbert, AZ, deduce that it can be due to one of these common causes:

  • O-ring: Leaks near the handle often result from a loose or deteriorated O-ring. This small disc is affixed to the stem screw, securing the faucet handle in place.
  • Worn-out or damaged washers: The washer experiences significant pressure against the valve seat whenever the faucet is turned on. Over time, this friction wears down the washer, leading to dripping around the spout.
  • Deteriorated valve seat: The valve seat facilitates the connection between the spout and faucet. Accumulated water sediments can gradually erode the valve seat, leading to spout leaks.
  • Incorrect washer installation: If the washer is not the correct size or is improperly installed, water can bypass it, initiating a leak.

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Why You Need Pros To Install Faucets

When you need a new faucet installed in your kitchen or bathroom, you might be tempted to pull up a YouTube video and do the work yourself. However, this can be problematic.

It’s essential to hire a plumber in Gilbert, AZ, to do the work to:

  • Provide professional expertise to ensure it’s done correctly.
  • Prevent leaks from occurring in the fixtures.
  • Use the correct tools and perform accurate techniques.
  • Ensure warranties can be claimed by having a professional do the work.
  • Perform the work up to code.
  • Provide peace of mind that work is getting done correctly.

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When To Replace Your Faucet

Is it time to replace your faucet? It can be difficult to determine, but it’s essential to schedule the fixture installations as soon as possible.

In addition to watching for signs of wear and tear, you must replace your faucet if it’s spilling water to the back of your sink and onto the countertops. The water can run down the side of the vanity and cause mold and wood damage.

Eventually, the wet sides of the vanity will start to rot, and between this and the mold, your family may be exposed to health hazards. Another reason that it’s necessary to replace your faucet is if it starts to leak from the nozzle or the base.

A leaking faucet from the nozzle usually indicates broken hardware. When this happens, call our Travis & Sons Plumbing & Rooter experts to schedule an appointment.

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