When installing a water heater at your property, purchasing a unit in the correct size is essential.

The size of the water heater you need for your house depends on several factors, including the number of occupants, the daily hot water usage, the type of appliances that use hot water, and the peak demand.

Some general guidelines can include:

  • 1-2 occupants: 30-40 gallons
  • 2-3 occupants: 40-50 gallons
  • 3-4 occupants: 50-60 gallons
  • 4 or more occupants: 60-80 gallons

If you are running out of hot water quickly, it can be due to several factors. Some possible causes can include:

  • Multiple appliances are using hot water at the same time.
  • There is sediment building up in the unit.
  • The dip tube, which allows cold water to move to the bottom of the tank to be heated, is broken.
  • Your water heater is nearing the end of its lifespan.
  • Your unit’s thermostat is not working correctly.

If your water pressure is lower than usual, it can indicate a plumbing problem that needs to be repaired. Some potential reasons for the reduced water pressure can include:

  • There are too many plumbing fixtures running at the same time.
  • There are faulty fixtures, like showerheads or faucets.
  • There is a broken pressure regulator. This is meant to stabilize the water pressure in your home.
  • There are closed valves that are preventing your water supply from traveling through them.
  • There are clogged pipes disrupting the water flow through the pipes.

You must schedule regular drain cleaning services to keep your pipes flowing correctly. Our experts recommend scheduling services at least once a year.

These preventive services should be performed on pipes that are not blocked. If you notice symptoms of slow drains or symptoms of a blockage, you should call for immediate drain cleaning services.

If you have an annoying drip coming from your faucet, you have many options to solve this.

One solution is to ensure your water pressure is at the correct level and that you install a water softener if you have hard water.

You should also schedule regular maintenance visits with an expert. They will determine if you need to replace your unit before it malfunctions.

When you have a blockage in your line, you might wonder if you need to schedule drain cleaning or sewer cleaning services.

Drain cleaning services involve removing clogs and debris from the drains in your house, like from the sinks, showers, toilets, or bathtubs. Hair, soap scum, and food can get trapped in the pipes and cause blockages that need to be cleaned out. Plumbers can remove these clogs with a plunger or drain snake.

In contrast, sewer cleaning involves clearing blockages from large sewer lines that connect your home’s drains to the municipal sewer system or septic tank.

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