Plumbing Services in Paradise Valley, AZ

Looking to book water heater repairs or drain cleaning services? Call Travis & Sons Plumbing & Rooter at 480-837-9422 for plumbing services in Maricopa County and Paradise Valley, AZ.

Plumbing Services in Paradise Valley, AZ

Keep your home’s plumbing system functioning correctly by scheduling professional plumbing services at the first signs of a problem. Whether you need water heater replacements, clogged drain repairs, or repiping services, trust the work to our 24 hour plumbers. Call Travis & Sons Plumbing & Rooter for appointments in Paradise Valley, AZ. We offer fast services!

We proudly provide emergency plumbing repairs to Paradise Valley, AZ, including:

  • Water heaters.
  • Tankless water heaters.
  • Sump pump services.
  • Clogged toilet repairs.
  • Slab leak repairs.
  • Rooter services.
  • Water filtration services.
  • Burst pipe repairs.
  • Commercial plumbing repairs.

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How To Avoid Common Plumbing Problems

Water damage can result from different plumbing problems in your Paradise Valley, AZ, house. Fortunately, most of these common plumbing repairs can be avoided.

Some tips to prevent issues include:

  • Flush your water heater regularly. It is recommended to book professional services annually to have a plumber drain your tank and eliminate any sediment accumulation. This step can aid in avoiding unexpected system failures.
  • Install a water filtration system. The presence of chemicals, metals, and minerals in water can damage your plumbing system, leading to corrosion that can harm your pipes and appliances. To prevent this, it is advisable to install a unit that can effectively eliminate these elements and extend the life of your plumbing system.
  • Apply insulations to your pipes. When the temperature drops, pipes have the potential to freeze. This can cause burst pipes, which is a serious plumbing issue. To prevent this from happening, it is recommended that you insulate your pipes.

How To Unclog a Drain Without Chemicals

When you need clogged drain repairs, you might be tempted to pour chemicals down the pipes to remove the blockage. However, this can cause more damage to your plumbing system than good.

For a more effective solution, use these suggestions from our residential plumbing contractors in Paradise Valley, AZ, on how to remove blockages:

  • Use baking soda and vinegar: Firstly, stream ½ cup of baking soda down the drain, then ½ cup of vinegar. To ensure the effectiveness of the solution, close the drain and let it sit for an hour. Afterward, pour hot water down the drain. This will assist in clearing minor obstructions. If the clog persists, it is advisable to book professional services.
  • Use baking soda and salt: Pour half a cup of baking soda and salt down the drain and wait for 30 minutes before pouring hot water down. If this doesn’t work, it’s best to call in a professional for assistance.
  • Use a plunger: When your kitchen sink is blocked, a plunger can help remove the blockage. For it to work effectively, fill the sink partially with warm water. If the blockage persists, call a plumber for assistance.
  • Try snaking: If the other methods do not work, use a snake to remove the clog. If you cannot remove the blockage, schedule services with a trained technician.

Call a top-ranked drain cleaning company like Travis & Sons Plumbing & Rooter for same-day service and top-tier craftsmanship when you need drain cleaning repairs.

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Hot Water Heater Tips To Avoid Running Out of Hot Water

Running out of hot water sooner and sooner when you shower?

There are ways to avoid running out of hot water so quickly. For one, you can change the temperature on the thermostat. If it’s too low, you can turn it up.

Another tip is to check for leaks around the tank. If you see moisture leaking, then you need to call for professional hot water heater repairs in Paradise Valley, AZ.

Call our plumbers at Travis & Sons Plumbing & Rooter for water heater maintenance, hot water tank replacement, and leaking water heater repairs. Our experts service both electric water heaters and gas water heaters services, and we also provide instant hot water system repairs and point of use water heater services.

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