Get your whole-house water treatment in Scottsdale, AZ from Travis & Sons Plumbing & Rooter. Every home deserves clean and safe drinking water. Contaminated water can easily impact your household’s health as well as your plumbing lines. We understand how important it is to provide your family with safe water. Trust our team to offer exceptional water treatment options, including RO systems that utilize reverse osmosis.

Scottsdale Whole-House Water Treatment

City water is typically safer than well water but still contains a variety of added minerals. One of the most common issues with water quality is mineral level. Due to issues with your plumbing lines or the city’s lines, you may receive water that has too much copper, iron, or chlorine. Keep an eye out for any signs your water could be contaminated. Unsafe water may smell like rotten eggs or chlorine. These odors indicate your lines may have corroded or your mineral levels are incorrect. Contaminated water can also have an odd color or stain your clothes. Watch out for a salty or metallic taste. Incorrect mineral levels can decrease your overall water pressure and cause serious damage to your home’s plumbing system. A whole-house water treatment system is an investment in your household’s safety and comfort.

Reach out to our professional team to learn more about your water treatment options in Scottsdale. Here are a few of the great benefits of enhancing your home’s water quality:

  • Improves water taste
  • Protects your family against disease
  • Lowers repair and maintenance costs
  • Saves appliances and fixtures