Slab Leaks

Prevention is everything when it comes to plumbing. After all, no one likes when something is wrong with their plumbing — especially if it has anything to do with potential plumbing leaks. Leaks are never fun, especially when they’re located underneath the slab of your house. Sometimes, you won’t even realize that there is a leak underneath the slab at first. But eventually, this will come to light — and can lead to massive problems very quickly. So, having someone come to look at your slab and ensure that everything seems to be running correctly is vital for any homeowner.

leak detection

The ground beneath our homes can move over time naturally, which can affect the pipes and slab underneath your house. Older homes can sometimes have faulty piping as well due to the ravages of time. There are many reasons why a house may have a slab leak, though it’s important that enough care and time is taken to ensure that this potential issue doesn’t become a massive problem. Scheduling regular plumbing inspections is one way to help prevent this. And our team at Travis & Sons Plumbing & Rooter can help you with slab leak detection services in Fountain Hills, AZ if you call today!

When our experts head out to detect any issues with your slab, we focus on many different factors. We check to see if there are any foundation cracks, if there’s a visible shift in the soil around your home, if parts of your floor are discolored, or if there are bad odors or smells coming from your floors and walls. All of these are signs that something may be wrong underneath your slab, and you may need slab leak repair. With proper detection, this can be found out immediately, before any other problems arise. An annual inspection can greatly help you and your family in the long run, as a slab leak is never good.

Benefits of Slab Leak Detection

Obviously, one of the major advantages of early prevention, but there are several others to be considered:

  • Ensure the Integrity of Your Home: Once your home’s foundation has been secured, you have the opportunity to live in a home with increased re-sale value.
  • Money-Saving: Yes, leak detection services can help to save you money! Finding minor problems early on can actually help save you money in the long run. How? Paying for smaller problems will usually cost less than a complete slab leak repair.

Stop Potential Slab Leak Problems

Inspection when it comes to plumbing goes a long way. Many people often don’t think of potential slab leaks until they have one. Let us help you keep these massive problems at bay with our slab leak detection services in Fountain Hills, AZ. To learn even more about how we can help you, chat with our team at Travis & Sons Plumbing & Rooter right now!

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