The Many Benefits Of A Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters are gaining popularity in Fountain Hills, AZ because of their efficiency in water heating. They heat water on demand without wasting energy that you don’t require. The traditional water heaters heat the entire tank even when you don’t require hot water. That’s energy wastage because the heater has to reheat the water when you require hot water. Here are more benefits of investing in a tankless water heater.

Unlimited Hot Water Supply

Imagine a scenario where everyone in the house wants to shower simultaneously. With the traditional water heaters, you might run low on hot water by the third shower in a row. But tankless water heaters heat water on demand, so you should not experience running out of hot water. Tankless water heaters produce up to several gallons of hot water per minute, allowing you to run your dishwasher and washing machine and take a shower without problems. With a traditional water heater, if the tank runs out of hot water, you have to wait for a long time for the water to heat up.

Space Saving

Another huge benefit of tankless water heaters is that they take up less space than traditional water heaters. Their compact designs allow you to mount them on the wall, which conserves space. Tank-style heaters take up huge floor space, often in the basement. If you have small or limited spaces, a tankless water heater is ideal.

Energy Efficiency

Tankless water heaters are more energy-efficient than traditional water heaters. They only heat water quickly, on-demand, and at the required temperature, significantly saving energy costs. A tankless water heater significantly reduces energy wastage, lowering your energy bills. Their efficiency at providing hot water supply in your home is higher than tank water heaters. With a tank water heater, the electricity consumption is more since the appliance’s thermostat regulates and maintains constant hot water until it is used. Then, the tank fills with cold water and must be heated and maintained again.

Enhanced Safety

When investing in a water heater, safety is a primary concern for most families. A top advantage of tankless water heaters is their several innovative features that enhance safety. For instance, some tankless water heater models have monitoring systems that give you details about water flow and pressure. That’s uncommon in tank-style water heaters.

Moreover, tankless water heaters have more replaceable parts than conventional water heaters, having less impact on the environment. The ability of this water heater to heat water on demand also enhances its safety. Since a tankless water heater holds little water, it reduces the risk of explosion or overheating. It also reduces the chances of leaks, and if a leak occurs, there is less water damage than produced by traditional water heaters.

Less Maintenance

Tank water heaters require regular maintenance, especially if you have hard water. The benefit of installing a tankless water heater is it requires less maintenance, significantly reducing total costs. You might need an annual cleaning if you have hard water, which is easy to do. There’s no need to inspect the anode rod often like you need to do with a tank water heater. An important aspect of tankless water heater maintenance is cleaning its filter often to prevent sediment buildup.


If you intend to replace your current water heater or are installing a new device, it’s best to choose a tankless water heater and enjoy an extended lifespan. Tankless water heaters can last double the lifespan of traditional water heaters. Tankless water heaters also have a longer warranty, which is beneficial to a homeowner, especially if you need a component replacement or repair, which the manufacturer handles.

Get Tankless Water Heater Services Today

These are some of the benefits of installing a tankless water heater. Thanks to the rugged construction and long-lasting materials, tankless water heaters have a typical lifespan of about 20 years or more, with low operating costs. Moreover, most models have replaceable parts, making them environmentally friendly. Another reason that investing in a tankless water heater is advisable is that it requires less electricity or gas to operate than tank water heaters.

Travis & Sons Plumbing & Rooter has a team of experienced and well-trained plumbers to help with tankless water heater repair and maintenance. We also provide leak detection services, drain cleaning, and sewer repairs. Contact Travis & Sons Plumbing & Rooter today for more information about the tankless water heater services we have available, including installation and maintenance.

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